1. me on the first day of trying to be healthy

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    you know what? no. okay, no. i’m sick of seeing this motherfucking shit on my dashboard. you know why? take a look at this fucking picture. this motherfucker has used multiple loaves of bread and jars pbj to take this motherfucking picture. rich white kids have gone too goddamn far and this is the last fucking straw. look at his fingers. this bitch is holdin his goddamn smartphone with pbj fingers. how much you wanna fuckin bet this scrub’s fucking phone is gonna still smell like pbj in a week’s time? this rich af jackoff is gon get sick of the smell an just gonna chuck it at the fckn concrete and run cryin to daddy for a new iphone, you mark my words. AND HE’LL GET IT TOO. LOOK AT THOSE MOTHERFUCKING JARS OF PBJ. THAT AIN’T EVEN FUCKING 99 CENT DOLLAR STORE PBJ. THAT IS FUCKING JIF CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER AND WELCH’S GRAPE JELLY. THAT SHIT IS $2.78 AND $2.54 AT WALMART, RESPECTIVELY. LOOK AT THE BRAND NEW SECOND CONTAINER OF JELLY HE HAD TO OPEN TO JUST USE A TINY BIT OF, TAINTING THE REST OF THE JAR. AND HOW FUCKING SURE AM I THAT THAT ISN’T EVEN WALMART BRAND BREAD. THIS PUNK ASS BITCH IS PROB USING SARA LEE HONEY WHEAT OR SOME SHIT. YOU DIDNT EVEN FUCKING USE ALL OF IT YOU SICK MOTHERFUCKER. 3/4 OF THAT LOAF IS NOW TAINTED WITH YOUR GRIMY ASS BATHROOM COUNTERTOP. THEY JUST CUT MY FAM’S FOODSTAMPS FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS YEAR AND YOU HAVE THE MOTHERFUCKING AUDACITY TO SMEAR PREMIUM PBJS ALL OVER YOUR FUCKING SCRAWNY ASS SKINHEAD BODY??? I HOPE YOU PUT THAT UNUSED BREAD AND OPEN JELLY BACK IN THE PANTRY AND YOUR MOM MAKES HERSELF A FUCKING NIPPLE SWEAT PBJ AND EATS IT YOU PIECE OF SHIT. FUCK YOU

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  6. and the awards for the most fucked up year goes to 2013!!! yayayaya for you.  Now get the fuck out of here

  8. When yah parents talking to they friends and you ready to go.

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    pretty much :p I hate it when guys think I dress up or put make up on for them. Like no, this is for me XD

    Empower yourself and others.

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