1. today’s forecast: 90% chance of wine


  3. My birthday is on the 23rd which is tomorrow for me. I have had alot happen to me this past year, some good some bad and I can say that im happy with my life. I have met people that I will love dearly forever and never forget. I have worked at the happiest place on earth and enjoyed it. I have lived in four homes so far and more to come. There were points in my life when I didn’t know where I would sleep or where my next meal came from. I know how to do more than most and find it hard to have people close to me. I dont tell everyone my problems and most of my problems are embarrassing or looked down on. You would see me and not think anything was wrong but I have gotten to a point in my life where it needs to get out.

  4. evilswan:

    "Aurora, there is an evil in this world and I can not keep you from it."

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  8. 2076:

    Versailles, Winter/Summer

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    Jolly Holiday/In Summer parallels

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    I love the angle of this photo. Usually you only see photos of what’s on stage or of an empty proscenium. Here is where you come in contact with both worlds. The brink between stage and life. It’s magical. 

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